Sermons from May 2024

Sermons from May 2024

May 26-2024 – Guest Speaker Mike Main

What if you saw Jesus coming toward you over the horizon?  What would stir in you as you watched Him come?  Would you stay and watch?  What kind of greeting would you expect?  We’ll imagine this scene together as we meet to ponder an encounter with Jesus.  Looking forward to being together. Portions or highlights from Matthew 24: 26 through Matthew 25: 13

May 19/24 – Wise People

Wise People…are humble God really seems to be bothered with arrogance. Perhaps it is because He knows the real and healthy path to living the full and meaningful life He intends for us, only comes as we recognize our dependence on Him. Humble people are calm because they recognize they are dependent. Arrogant people are still frantically swimming upstream against an…

May 12/24 – Wise People

Wise People…are to be commended This Sunday is Mother’s Day! Proverbs 31:30&31 reminds us that wise mothers, actually all wise people, who prioritize God are to be noted, even praised. Why not take note of someone who is wise in that sense and let them know their example is encouraging. Please join us on Mother’s Day as we celebrate moms and seek to…