Sermons by Scott Penner

Sermons by Scott Penner

April 28-2024

Trampling enemies and frolicking like calves, In Light of Easter This Sunday we explore a playfully written, yet profoundly serious passage.  Please don’t read “enemies” as people but read “enemies” as that which draws us away from dependence – dependence on God.  What is calf frolicking freedom that we can enjoy in light of Easter? …

April 21-2024

Giving In Light of Easter Training simulators are used to teach new pilots how to fly.  Gyms are used to prepare athletes for the demands of competition.  Labs are useful spaces to work out in practicality theories learned in the classroom.  What are the tools God uses to prepare a follower of Jesus for the bump and grind of life?  Today we will look at one of the tools…

April 14-2024

Returning in Light of Easter Relationships can cool, even disintegrate, with us hardly even noticing the slow movement away from each other.  Maybe you’ve had that happen only to be woken up to reality by some obvious flare up or an unmistakably painful comment or a brave and direct expression of impact.  In today’s passage we see God, vulnerably expressing…
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