What to Expect

What to Expect

What are your services like?

Our Sunday morning worship services have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The service begins at 10:30am. You can expect to hear a great mix of songs, story, prayer, perhaps a creative surprise mixed in now and again, and the Bible read with relevant applicable thoughts gleaned from the text. We wrap things up shortly after 11:30am. At that point, feel free to slip out quickly, or stick around and enjoy meeting a new friend or two after the service.

Christmas at Truro Alliance:

2021 Advent theme from Phil 2:1-7:

Sometimes it takes setting aside our own self interests in order to connect meaningfully in a relationship.  At Christmas we remember that Jesus just set aside all the rights and privileges of being God to come alongside people in the messy details of life – your life, my life.  In the Advent Sundays leading up to Christmas, we will explore the Christmas story through that lens of purposefully setting important things aside for the purpose of deepening relationships with God and others.

November 28, 2021 – Mary & Joseph Set Conformity Aside

December 5 – Herod Set Nothing Aside

December 12 – The Shepherds Set The Urgent Aside

December 19 – The Magi Set Entitlement Aside

Christmas Eve – Jesus Set Aside Equality With God

December 26 – Christmas Carol Song Service



How long are they?

Sunday services typically last 60 minutes, beginning at 10:30 and ending at 11:30 a.m.

What is your style of worship?

Truro Alliance Church enjoys singing a variety of songs, including hymns, choruses, and sometimes kids songs! You will also experience reading Scripture together, the sharing of God-stories, and mission moments.

What is typical attire?

Most people come casually dressed, feel free to wear whatever you like.

Is childcare available?

We love having children join us Sundays.  We never mind a little disruption in the service, however should you require it, we have an unstaffed nursery available with toys as well as a quiet room for you to take the youngsters.  We need to restrict the nursery to one family at a time, due to provincial Covid-19 guidelines.  However, there are other rooms available as well.   Children are always welcome!!

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